Paint BrandsPaint Brands

When you’re looking to update your home with color, talk to us about the best paint brands and formulations for the job. There are as many types as there are colors and finishes. We can find the perfect interior and exterior paint brands for your home and we can apply them with expertise.

While we recommend certain home paint brands, it is important to know what results you want. Our company has been doing inside and outdoor painting for more than 20 years. Our sole focus is customer satisfaction no matter what home paint brand you go with.

We have enjoyed great results with established interior and exterior paint brands like Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and Porter Paints.

Our team will carefully look at the area to be painted, the conditions it must hold up to, and the amount of preparation that needs to be done before selecting a home paint brand. We will talk to you about finishes – gloss, satin or eggshell – that work best for the surface.

And we have a lot of experience in color selection. What looks good on a swatch or in a magazine might look completely different in your house. Factors like inside and outside lighting, gloss level and quality of the surface are all important to consider when selecting interior or exterior paint brands.

Long-lasting Exteriors
We choose products with a reputation for long-lasting, saturated home color. Some have a primer already in the formula. It is important to select among those that resist fading and algae growth, especially on stucco. Count on us to find a type that is easy to clean off with a simple hose or light pressure wash. Easy maintenance and durability are key considerations when selecting exterior paint brands for the New York climate.

We are very thorough in our prep work when it comes to walls, doors and trim. This ensures color that will not bubble, crack or sag no matter what home paint brand or type you use. And if you need repairs, we can do that, too!

Home Interior Paint Brands

Different rooms call for specific finishes. You may want a matte look and a warm palette to unite an open living area, while a small space can perk up with a vivid gloss. The kitchen and bath need formulas that work well in high humidity. And if you have young children in the home, scrubbable walls are a smart investment. The home interior paint brands we use come in low VOC formulas so you don’t have to worry about fumes.

Our professional home painters make the process easy with standard and custom-blended colors. We prime dark walls, patch any nail holes or nicks in drywall, and carefully protect the areas that won’t be painted. Our high-quality interior paint brands will let you express your personality your way! We will find the right grade and home paint brand for your budget, and give you the effect you want.

No matter what project you need us for, you will be assured of meticulous work. Good painting can be done quickly and efficiently, but can’t be a rush job. We make sure all edges are razor-sharp and all edges cut in to perfection. You will simply not find a painting team that cares more about making you happy.

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